Delhaize and TBWA start the year with a beautiful health message.

If we have learned anything this strange year, it is that our health is the most important thing in life. And more unfortunately that life is short. So we have to enjoy every bit of it. Or should we say bite? Delhaize, a leading Belgian supermarket just launched a commercial and its resolution for 2021: let’s start living healthy today, all together.

Delhaize is all about healthusiam. The enthusiasm of living healthily and happily. That’s why the supermarket regularly launches initiatives to promote better eating by making healthy food cheaper and easier to prepare. But Delhaize never communicated about its vision until now. Now it does, in the shape of a moving story that plays with the contrast between two generations: those who wish they knew and those who wish they still could.

In the movie we get a glimpse of the life of a young girl. We feel that’s she’s not comfortable with herself, with the way she looks. Strangely we hear an older voice telling us how proud she is about her body and herself. As the story unfolds, we understand this is her grandmother’s voice. She wants to send a powerful message from the future to the younger generation. Don’t waste your time feeling uncertain and unhappy. Because we only have one body, and one life to enjoy it. So we all have to take good care of it (by eating healthy and staying fit), and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

A powerful message that joins the vision of Delhaize: living healthy starts now. Not tomorrow, now. And at Delhaize they’re ready to help you. Ready to raise a new generation of healthy and happy people.

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Marieke Michils

Account Director

Laure Ghekiere

Account Executive

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