Nissan and TBWA turn stupidly parked cars into smart outdoor ads

Thursday, September 27, 2018 — Illegally parked cars are a plague in most cities. You find them on the kerb, too far off the kerb, crosswise with their nose sticking out or flagrantly squatting two parking lots at a time. Some drivers apparently will never learn how to park. That’s why Nissan and TBWA wanted to give these parking perpetrators a helpful signal.

They decided to put the most blatant infractions in the spotlight. Or rather: in a painted white rectangle, - as if the parking space would have moved to suit the vehicle. Nissan send promo teams to cities all over Belgium and the Netherlands to look out for awkwardly parked cars. They marked each spot with white lines and spray-painted the message: ‘Let your car do the parking. With Nissan ProPILOT Park Assist’.

You can discover all these innovative technology on the Nissan LEAF equipped with the revolutionary ProPILOT Park technology and also the supportive Intelligent Park Assist on the Nissan QASHQAI. A push on a ProPILOT button in the Nissan LEAF is enough to let the car do all the work. It steers, accelerates and brakes to manoeuvre itself flawlessly in the most challenging places. No human intervention needed. And lots of parking tickets avoided.

Nissan Dumb Parking

Let your car do the parking (Visual 1)
Let your car do the parking (Visual 2)
Let your car do the parking (Visual 3)