Play Sports pays tribute to the unseen genius of one of Belgium’s greatest ever goalkeepers.

Imagine being one of the best at what you do. Imagine working your way up to one of the greatest teams in England. Imagine being loved by the fans for saving a penalty in your very first match. Imagine winning the title of keeper of the year. And now imagine being sentenced to the bench for almost two years, without any real reason. That’s the story of Belgian goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, as told by Play Sports in their latest campaign.

When it comes to active Belgian goalkeepers, two names are worth mentioning worldwide. Everyone knows about the career of Thibaut Courtois, but the story of Simon Mignolet reads a little differently.

Mignolet, just like Courtois, is a fantastic goalkeeper. Some will even say he’s a better one at the moment. He made it to the number one position at Liverpool and showed he was worth it, week in, week out. Until Jurgen Klopp came along and put Karius in the goal (we all know how that worked out).

In a beautifully crafted film, Simon’s career up to that point is told by the people who know him best: his father, his first trainers, analysts and … his fans. All of them coming to the same conclusion: it was a real shame that the genius of Simon Mignolet couldn’t be seen on the field anymore.

Until Simon made a radical decision. He chose to leave Liverpool and return to Belgium to play for the current Belgian Champion Club Brugge.

Once again Mignolet is where he belongs: on the field, in his goal. And you can watch every second of it on Play Sports. Because genius is too beautiful to be missed.

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