PlayStation and TBWA scare Uncharted 4 gamers witless.

The release on May 10th of the adventure game “Uncharted 4: A thief’s end” was met not only with clenched buttocks, but also with a thunderous heart rate which rattled the Richter scale. At least for those daredevils who wanted to win a free game.

Rendezvous at Antwerp Central Station where gamers were immediately catapulted into the sweltering jungles of Madagascar, the setting in which Nathan Drake confronts one adventure after another.

‘Happily’ the gamers weren’t on their own. PlayStation provided at least 300 cockroaches, 100 grasshoppers, a handful of tarantulas, several corn snakes, millipedes and even a tiger python a mere 5.5 metres long, all under the slogan 'Face a little adventure' while gaming.

Gamers had to climb into a glass box and play the game while their heads were placed in a claustrophobic ‘torture cube’ where they were surrounded by all kinds of creepy-crawlies. The more the merrier…

If you could conquer your screaming nerves as well as your opponents and reach the next level, you went home with a free Uncharted 4 game. As well as perhaps being slightly traumatised. Every treasure has its price, right?

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