TBWA and McDonald’s celebrate 50 years of Big Mac with 'the Unchangers'

Monday, January 8, 2018 — The legendary Big Mac turns 50 this year. In the past half-century, it hasn’t changed a bit. Because why fix it if it ain’t broken? That’s the philosophy behind TBWA Brussels’ campaign for McDonald’s Belgium.

We live in times where everything changes at the speed of light, and everyone tries to keep up with every fad. Choosing not to change is quite a statement. And that’s what the Unchangers do. They just like it how it is. They always say no to new. The Big Mac, with its 50-year-old recipe, is definitely one of them. In this 60-second commercial, we follow real Unchangers, who are truly themselves and stay true to themselves. The spot, created by TBWA Brussels and Cannes Lions-winning director Jeroen Mol, premieres in early January. The Unchangers will also be brought to life on social media and other online channels.

Big Mac - 50 years Unchanged!