TBWA\Belgium élue 'Agence de l'année'

Le jury des Merit Awards 2018 a décerné pour la troisième fois le prix de l’Agence de l’année à TBWA\Belgium.

Lors des Merit Awards 2018, le prix de l’Agence de l’année a été décerné à TBWA\Belgium. Une belle récompense pour l’agence et ses 200 collaborateurs qui se distingue dans le secteur par son approche disruptive et ses idées qui créent de la valeur pour ses clients.



Pictures: © Copyright François de Ribaucourt

Valerie Vleminckx TBWA\Belgium
Valerie Vleminckx TBWA\Belgium
A propos de TBWA GROUP

TBWA\Belgium is and has been a top-3 ranked agency for the last decade, and operates with the strong belief that IDEAS CREATE GROWTH. To make this happen in real life for its local and international clients, TBWA Belgium has developed and is recognised for its world class brand building and strategic capabilities. TBWA\Belgium is the most integrated communications group in Belgium, bringing many different disciplines together under 1 roof, 1 P&L and 1 culture. All of this to answer the client’s challenges in a modern, collaborative and comprehensive way.

TBWA\Belgium is the Disruption® Company: the cultural engine for the 21st century business. Disruption® is at the core of TBWA’s strategic and creative development. It is a gateway to great work and unconventional behavior. Disruption is about dismantling the status quo to create opportunities and dramatic business results for our partners.

TBWA\Belgium was elected Agency of the Year twice in the last decade and digital Agency of the Year 5 times in the last 6 years. On creative awards, we see them as a great internal motivator and it helps us recruiting new talent. So yes, we’re always in the top 5 in our market. But more importantly, we clearly stand out as the most awarded Effie agency in Belgium. The Effie Awards honour the most significant achievement in marketing communications: ideas that work. And that’s what we’re all about!


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