The Belgian way to save their bars… by bottling the sour feeling of closed bars

Sour beer has to keep the Brussels bar culture alive

Brussels, 8 february 2021 - Sour. There is no better way to describe the feeling of closed bars in Brussels due to the COVID-19 crisis. The conviviality that we so sourely miss, the bars that are left abandoned. Difficult moments: for the bar-goers, but especially for the bar owners. It is literally five minutes before closing time. That’s why launched ZUUR, a sour beer to help their bar culture stay alive.

Would Belgium be Belgium, if the country didn’t fight back with their most beloved product: beer? That’s why Growfunding, a Belgian non-profit crowdfunding platform, joined efforts with the Brussels government to brew ZUUR (Flemish for Sour), the sourest beer you could ever imagine. A perfect symbolism of the sour taste of closed bars bottled in a pint.

ZUUR is a unique blend of lambic, originating from Cantillon, the last Gueuze brewery in Brussels, and a blond beer from the young Brussels brewers ‘En Stoemelings’. The beer has a high acidity level and symbolises this sour period for the bars. And must therefore guide them through this crisis.

With this initiative, the non-profit organization Growfunding hopes to save as many Brussels bars in trouble from permanent closure as possible. "Growfunding wants to bring people together and is fully committed to projects that make our society stronger and more sustainable," says Frederik Lamote, director of Growfunding. "A bar is more than just a place where you have a drink, it's a place where people come together, share experiences and emotions, make memories. They are essential to the social synergy of Brussels. They are meeting places where people from different backgrounds, old and young, come together. bars play the role of catalyst for new ideas in the city! That's why they fit perfectly within Growfunding's target group."

The campaign got the support of many Belgian music artists and beer lovers like Arno, Jan Paternoster (Black Box Revelation) and Zwangere Guy.

Anyone who wants to can give their favorite Brussels café a financial boost via More than sixty Brussels cafés, including icons such as Au Daringman, Het Goudblommeke in Papier, Monk, Roskam and Les Brasseurs, are participating. Those who support their favorite pub will receive a voucher for the beer as a gift.



CLIENT: Growfunding: Frederik Lamote and Anne-Sofie Vandersmissen

Jeroen Bostoen
CREATIVE TEAM: Kenn Van Lijsebeth & Greg Van Buggenhout
ART DIRECTION: Greg Van Buggenhout
COPYWRITING: Thomas Driesen, Kenn Van Lijsebeth
COPYWRITING FR: Manu De Wit & Wilfried Morin
DESIGN: Olivier Verbeke
DESIGN DIRECTOR: Hendrik Everaerts
DTP: Axel Nédée

PR – TBWA Reputation:
Liesbeth Pyck - Brand Reputation Director
Anneleen Coppens - Consultant Reputation & PR

Mieke Vandewalle, Elien De Brouwer

Executive Producer :   Eurydice Gysel
Producers:  Eurydice Gysel, Ralph Durlinger
Regisseur: Lieven Van Baelen
DOP:  Lieven Van Baelen
Camera-assistent: Bart Bleuzé
Gaffer: Maxime Van Buggenhout

Post-producer: Bieke De Keersmaecker
Offline: Manu Van Hove
Online: Xavier Pouleur
Grading: Olivier Ogneux
Sound: Jan Pollet
Music: Brussels State of Mind - Zwangere Guy 

Producer:  Katrien Van den Brande
Sound:  Jan Pollet

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Josse De Pauw, Jan Paternoster, Chibi Ichigo, Zwangere Guy, Tibo Vandenborre and the amazing Brussels bar owners


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Anneleen Coppens

Consultant Reputation & PR, TBWA Reputation

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